Do You Know? Create Your CICD Pipes & Project Environments in 3 Simple Steps:

Step1: Add your cloud subscription (any cloud even Multi-cloud aws,azure,gcp).

Step2: Configure your code repo. (any repo github,Bitbucket).

Step3: On-boarding - just giving few details about your project - tech stack, code branch etc.

Needs & Wants?

Problem Statement

In order to build a successful DevSecOps and cloud system, customer faces typical problems like below

Lack of Knowledge in Cloud & DevOps

Tools selection & Integration

Build and Manage DevOps & Cloud systems by dedicated teams

Duplication of Integration & project Environments

No error tracking across systems

Increase in Project Cost

High turn around time

No unified console to manage Cloud & DevOps tools

Product Intro

DEVOZY (DevSecOps Accelerator Platform) is an Enterprise Cloud & DevSecOps platform, created to overcome the challenges being faced by Enterprises while setting up a proper DevSecOps platform to deliver bug-free projects in faster, secure, and reliable manner.

Devozy helps Enterprises to get started with DevSecOps automations & Cloud journey in much simpler way and generate quick wins without months of overhead & investment.

Devozy comes with integrated readymade platform gives immediate access to provision project environments, CI/CD pipelines, to perform code scans & testing, build, containerize and orchestrate them either in on-prem, cloud, cloud native even across multi-clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure) in fewer clicks.

Provision resources such as virtual machines, Databases, cloud native services across multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) and migrate them between public clouds or on-premise to cloud.

Subscription comes with mobile app - the convenient way to access and monitor CI/CD jobs, Cloud resources on the go. Available in SaaS as well as dedicated hosting in client infrastructure.

Current vs Future

Mobile DevSecOps

First time ever in DevSecOps space

  • Mobile app for DevSecOps is much convenient way to manage server/jobs on the go
  • Access to application infra, CICDjobs & quality gates reports
  • Dashboard along with DevOpsKPIs
  • Facilitates schedule or perform deployments, monitoring & tracking deployment status & much more

Devozy - Advantages

How Devozy can orchestrate successful business outcomes

Rapid on-Board

Environment provisioning (Integration/CICD and Test environments) either on-premise or cloud

Application deployment with pre-built pipelines (DevSecOps as a Service) via centrally managed web console (10x time faster than conventional model)

To monitor health of the integration environments, track the progress of application deployments, errors, self-heal, reports and other useful statistics

Unit testing, code review, code coverage, security/functional testing readily available

Through a self-service model built using standard open-source technology and practices

Eliminate hassle-free seamless access That can be deployed on Windows or Linux operating systems. ...

Remove the need of DevSecOps expert

Environment with multiple applications

Mobile DevSecOps

   Explore more our DEVOZY mobile app - the convenient way to access your CICD jobs, application infra, quality gates reports, dashboards, schedule or perform deployments, monitoring & track deployment status and much more.

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key principles

Automate everything

Cloud Agnostic Multi-cloud can be used to orchestrate application deployment.

Client Agnostic Can be shipped or installed in any environment (few hours to setup the platform)

Automation of Automation provide single gateway to perform application deployments and manage DevSecOps tools .

Open-Source Tools Built completely using open-source technologies and DevSecOps tools to automate end to end

Technology Agnostic provides support to multiple DevSecOps tools and technologies and deployment options such as cloud native, server, Serverless, containers



Containerization Management

Version Control


Quality Gates

Centralized logging

Configuration & Infrastructure Management

Backend Technologies
FrontEnd Technologies

Enterprise Features

How does devozy helps to drive business result

Multi-tenancy model

Multi-tenancy model (unit / group / team level access controls) A single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers

Multiple roles supported

Creator, Maintainer, Auditor, Super Admin etc.,

Email Integration

Tying together of systems, tools, and software for seamless processes around email marketing.

Executive dashboards for CXOs & Directors

Dashboard that makes accessing current data easy and fast. Displays that can be customized and categorized to meet a user's specific needs.

Central Internet Proxy configuration

Acts as an intermediary between a protected Local Area Network (firewall) and the Internet. Some home networks, corporate intranets, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use proxy servers.

Cloud and or On-premise support

Cloud Services can also integrate with other systems to increase the productivity of your business. a solution hosted in-house and usually supported by a third-party.

SSO Integration

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials.

Secure , Scale and Reliable

Making systems work correctly, protect and strategies for keeping performance good


Our product Screenshots

Target Audience

Who adopt devozy

By Persona / Group By Organization By Industry
 who wants to present in cloud to accelerate DevSecOps operation.
 who wants to automate DevSecOps build & deployment on few clicks.
 Who wants to build DevSecOps culture.
 Who wants to setup DevSecOps without in-house Team.
 who wants to build DevSecOps ECO system in few weeks and up & running.
 who wants to avoid messy on setting up DevSecOps system.
 Who wants to minimize costs,increase efficiency and speed up the release management cycle.

  Large enterprises.
  Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).
  Telecommunications and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).
  Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI).
  Media and entertainment.
  Government and public sector.
  Energy and utilities.
  Others (Transportation and logistics, and travel and hospitality).


Main Dashboard

Integration Dashboard

Recent Activities

All Dashboard

Server Details

Git Repository

Jenkins (CI_CD)

Deployment Checks

Project Features


choose what you prefer
Business standard Business plus Enterprise
No of user 10 20 Unlimited
No of project 10 20 Unlimited
Unit Testing Automation
Code Repository (Github / Bitbucket)
User Management
Database Setup(Mysql or postgress OR mongo )
Public cloud / On Premise
Schedule Deployments
E-mail Integration
Access & Authorization(DB based )
Sonarqube code Scan
Docker Containerization & Repository manager (ARTEFACT) -
Central Logging - -
Multi Tenant -
Code repository Creation - -
Clustered Application Setup (Production) - -
Single sign on / LDAP Integration - -
Functional & Security Testing Automation - -
Docker with kubernates containerization - -
Hybrid (on premise to cloud) - -
Multi factor authentication - -

Tool Comparison

How we differ from Others
Parameter By Jenkins Azure pipelines DEVOZY
Need DevSecOps Engineer? Yes Yes No
Pipeline Creation Require development Require development Readily available
Code Build & Deployment Automated Automated Readily available
Environment Creation Require development Require development Readily available
Database setup Not possible Not possible Readily available
Schedule Deployment Configurable Configurable Configurable
Code scan (SonarQube integration) Require development Require configuration Readily available
Unit testing (Junit integration) Require development Require configuration Readily available
Containerisation Require development Require development Readily available
Container Management Require development Require development Readily available
SSO Integration Require development Require development Readily available
LDAP Authentication Require development Require development Readily available
Integration with public cloud Require development Only within Azure Readily available
- Azure, AWS, GCP
Cloud Native Require development Configurable Readily available
Repository Creation Require development Require development Readily available
Unified Console – CICDCTCM Multiple console / login Multiple console / login Single Unified Console
Security Testing Require development Require configuration Readily available
Functional Testing Require development Require configuration Readily available